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Thursday, July 17, 2014

My ATC Swap for July

I just uploaded the pics of another fun ATC Swap by the Paper Collage I participated in this month.  July's theme was to pick either "Thanksgiving" or "Paris" and being that I don't care much for Thanksgiving (I never like the food...and everyone seems to be more into a football game than actually gathering around) I chose "Paris."

I made 5 cards for the swap and 1 for the host (total of six cards).  I love how ATC's push the limits of keeping things confined to such a small space while still telling an interested story.

Here are my Paris themed ATC's...

Thinking of hosting my own ATC swap...let me know if you're interested!!  I have a ton of creative themes that I hope vary from the norm.  Who doesn't like getting free things in the mail?!


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  2. I love the Paris Theme...I enlarged the pic to get a closer look..I thought the first one was my favorite, but then I chose the second one in the Barrett and scarf....Oh heck, then I decided I liked them all!!