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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015...

With a busy 2014 behind me,  I'm so looking forward to this year!  I couldn't wait for 2014 to finish.  I over-stretched myself last year taking on way too many commitments.  Does that ever happen to you?  You take on too much for one person, because you don't want to say "no" or because you want to participate in every event know to man-kind?  You think, 'hey that sounds fun...I can definitely do sweat I can easily do a 3' x 6' mosaic of a Dia de los Muertos scene in a day or two before I finish writing the essay for a prior commitment.'  'You need 100 glass soldered pendants for a fundraiser...I'm your girl!'  What was I thinking?!?  Seriously, this year I was doing too many things just to step out of my comfort participate more, be a part of things.  In doing this, I found myself drowning in an infinite hole of activities I once loved doing and missing out on the fun stuff because I was too exhausted to care.

In taking on so much, I realized I was neglecting the beauty in life.  I wasn't taking time to appreciate artwork I made, or words I'd written.  I simply became a machine of making 'to-do' lists...and quickly moving on to the next commitment.  Being 'too busy' ended up taking a toll on my health.  My doctors recommendation: slow down...sleep more...enjoy life at a comfortable pace.  I was so busy wanting to be a part of life's activities, I lost myself and put my health at risk.

No more.

After November, I started to reflect on what I wanted to do.  I no longer felt the a need to rush.  I spent all of December doing things that made me happy...some involved artwork, others were simple things like taking my puppy on field trips with me.  I even made mini-movies on my iPhone of random things that made me smile and feel peace.

That's what life should be about.  Feeling safe, at peace, and happy.  This year is the year I calm down and take things in stride.  No more rushing.  Just doing what feels right at the pace that feels comfortable.  I invite you to join me to just slow down.  Breathe.  We can write, draw, sew, sing, whatever make us feel happy without schedules and deadlines.  Live the life you want and the pace you need.  Life is precious.  It's time to enjoy it!  Who's with me?

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