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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm a HOARDER and it's OKAY

Summer is almost over...too bad this insane heat isn't over.  Today it reached a whopping 110 degrees outside!!  It's so hot some of my art supplies have begun to sweat.  Seriously, my beeswax had tiny beads of perspiration and my oil pastel sticks are 'soft.'  I cannot wait for the Fall, but in San Antonio it truly doesn't get 'cold' until Feb-April.  Strange, I know.

I've spent most of this month organizing and cleaning my studio.  Okay, I not ashamed to admit that I am a HOARDER...of art supplies.  I don't know what it is, but every single time I walk into Michaels I leave with a basket full of blank canvases and sketchbooks.  And do not get me started on scrapbook embellishments.  I've never scrapbooked in my life but I think all the trinkets and doo-dads are the coolest.  I always say I'm going to involve them in my artwork but then I don't use them because "I don't want to waste them."  How insane is that?!  Am I the only one who does this?

Sketchbooks and Moleskines are another one of my serious addictions.  I have stacks of them in various sizes and paper style for that "just in case" idea, yet when the idea hits I have to either scribble it on a napkin or in some hand because I forgot the journal/sketchbook.  In going through all of my supplies I made it a point to put a mini-moleskine in every spot my work table, by the computer, my backpack, the car, my work smock, and wait for it....the tub.  Yes, because the best ideas come when one is relaxing in a soothing bath of bubbles.  Hopefully, I will now stop writing on myself.

So, what to do with the over abundance of stuff.  ETSY of course!  I've posted some items on ETSY and will have more posted during the week.  If you're looking for something in particular, leave me a comment or e-mail me.  Who knows??  I might have 4 of

Until next time...

Ps.. I 'finally' finished reading the book Romantically Challenged and oh my gosh!  EXTREMELY boring!  But since I paid for the e-book I felt I had to 'finish' it and people...don't do it.  The ending was horrible.  Okay enough about that.  If anyone has any good reads...please let me know.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here I go again

I don't know what it is about this blog and me.  Every time I attempt a post, something beyond my control happens and then days...weeks...okay months go by before my last post.

Short version of a long (sad) story...

My aunt suddenly passed away.  Out of nowhere.  Massive heart attack.  She was one of my 'best-friends' and biggest fan.  Always finding me the coolest trinkets to add to my art work at the most unusual of places.  She had the BEST stories (although at times highly inappropriate and immensely funny at the same time) and the amazing quality of helping others.  She will be greatly missed.

I haven't been creating much but I have been updating my ETSY Shop.  I've added new journals and sketch books, along with deco tape in whimsical designs, and few other goodies.

This month I'm having a special: Receive a complimentary bottle of Stickles glitter with purchase

I'm attempting to post new items in my ETSY shop once a week (still trying to figure out a good day) so stay tuned.

Until next time...which will be soon!

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's been awhile

Here's what happened...

My muse came to visit and within DAYS of her visit I came down with double pneumonia and, as if that wasn't enough...bronchitis!  Sick for over a month (in and out of the hospital) I was in no condition to entertain her so she left.

Feeling much better now, and getting into the creative spirit, I continue forward with my art journey.  

Before I became ill I signed up for an ATC art swap on Willowing's ning site.  The theme was "show me your Frida!"  Here are the two cards I made.  Both are done using collage, however; one was done with wax.  If you've never tried wax as a medium I highly recommend it.  Tons of fun...and quick.

ATC Swap @ Willowing
"Show me your Frida!"
collage elements
ATC Swap @ Willowing
"Show me your Frida!"
collage elements w/wax

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Journey...

So I blinked and 2010 was gone just like that.  The year began and I was in art school (San Francisco) slowly killing the artist inside me.  I was trapped creating art using methods I hated and that were too formal and constricted.  I was learning to create and draw like everyone else while ignoring my muse.  A cookie-cutter artist.  *ugh*  I was so miserable in art school I wasn't even creating anything "for the sake of creating."  No journaling, no collage, or making jewelry, nothing.  It had to change.

I left art school in the middle of the fall.  Never looked back.

Now liberated to create in any way I choose.  This year I embark on a journey of making and creating things to feed my soul.  There are no limits!

I cordially invite you to come along for the ride.