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Friday, April 29, 2016

Back on ETSY

Changes on the horizon!  After much debate,  I've decided to move my website back to ETSY.  Being a one-woman show, I was experiencing way too many technical problems with the website..especially with shipping.  I think I spent more time on hold with customer service then actually uploading new products.  No need for that add frustration so I decided to go back to basics and return to ETSY.  All ETSY apps are much more compatible on my iPhone versus the web apps and editors I was using that were constantly crashing.  The website will remain up until it runs its course in a few weeks.  You can still purchase from either the website or ETSY shop, however; only the ETSY shop will have current product updates.  More items will be coming soon so be sure to follow me here on the blog or on Instagram (@studioarthead) for the details. 

Until next time!

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