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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Webster's Pages Travelers Notebooks Update

Hello everyone-

I've been getting a ton of emails daily regarding the new Webster's Pages Travelers Notebooks.  I still haven't received the new colors (periwinkle, green, and fuchsia).  I've been back and forth via email and phone with them and in September they told me by the middle of October, they'd be ready to ship.  October came and left and still no new Travelers Notebooks.  In my last email I was told 'by end of November.'  This company has terrible customer service!  Half the time the phone just rings and a pre-recorded message comes on asking you to hold....then after 1-2 minutes it just hangs up on you.  I was able to email an actual person and was given the 'mid-November' response.  I've seen a few people selling them but I don't know if its the actual Travelers Notebook, or a waitlist for the specific color.  Ladies, I hope to have an answer for you by Monday.

Once again, if you would like a specific color, please email me or leave a comment below.

Hoping for better luck with the Notebooks..

Until next time!

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